A letter to Customers from Wuxi Qicheng
PublishedDate:2019-01-23 20:36          Category:Company Press

Dear Customers,
        Today, we are so honored to announce that our official website finally comes online.
        In the past one year, we always cooperate and communicate offline,however as we’re determined to become your irreplaceable business partner, this new concise style is expected to be convenient for you to understand our products most intuitively,to strengthen our close relationship,to ensure your getting the fastest feedback and the most effective solution which indeed help realize our value and mission of being customer-centric and growing with our customers and industry.
        On the website, you will find that we have categorized different products for different industry applications.In the future,we will continue to update our information and enrich our product portfolio so that you can quickly find and understand relevant information.One click,everything clarifies such as product information,our business office address and contact information.If you do not find that of product you need on the website, please also contact us.Telephone,fax,Email and enquiry list are all available.We will help you achieve satisfactory and professional service with might and main.All customers speak highly of us professional,therefore assured!
        The new website also supports mobile devices for access.
        We believe that the official website will bring you an excellent experience like never before, come and join us!
        Sincerely yours,
Wuxi Qicheng Industrial Co.,LTD 


    Add:Rm1207,T2 Building 530,No.100 Dicui road,Binhu District,Wuxi 214072,China

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