About Qicheng

       Wuxi Qicheng Industrial Co.,LTD is committed to importation and exportation trade. Nationwide, we provide high-quality raw materials for the Chinese chemical industry and enhance the competitiveness of our customers' products. Worldwide, we strive to find a wider market for domestic good products!

       We know deeply the importance of service to the survival and development of a company, so we spare no efforts to invest resources to build a professional team, promote development with high-quality service, work hard on details, and solve problems for customers!
       We provide professional Pre-sales consultation, timely sales tracking and excellent After-sales service. We take customer-centric in all aspects, and would do more, better, faster for customers!
       Thank you for accompanying us all the times!


    Add:Rm1207,T2 Building 530,No.100 Dicui road,Binhu District,Wuxi 214072,China

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